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Suede shoes cleaning: With these home remedies then it will work

  • Jul 15, 2020
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Suede shoes are sensitive, this is Clean, nevertheless, quite easy. You don't even need special means. There are some home remedies, which are suitable for the cleaning of suede perfectly.

Suede shoes with home remedies cleaning - it's that easy

Some of the following featured home remedies for cleaning suede shoes, you have determined to home.

  • Baking powder: you Want to grease stains from suede shoes to remove, this with baking powder. Sprinkle the home remedies on the stain and wait until the baking powder has sucked the fat up. After that you brush it gently.
  • Dry shampoo: dry shampoo is a tried and tested home remedies for grease stains on suede. Make sure you are in bright suede dry shampoo for blonde hair and dark suede leather a product for dark hair to use.
  • Baby powder:baby powder is also good against grease stains, and is in the same manner as baking powder or dry shampoo.
  • A crust of bread: the inside of a dried crust of Bread is grease stains on suede are disappearing. RUB the leather with the bark.
  • Eraser:With a normal eraser to remove stains fromsuede leather. It is important to only treat the soiled place with it and not to press too hard.
  • Emery paper: Soiled areas on suede to clean it with emery paper. Also here applies: Go very gently and cautiously, so as not to damage the leather.
  • Vinegar: vinegar is a true all-rounder and is also suitable for the cleaning of suede. RUB the stain with a vinegar - dipped, lint-free cloth and RUB then with another wet cloth after. After Drying, brush the spot.
  • Dishwashing detergent: This home remedy is particularly well suited for Removing large stains. To give you a little dishwashing liquid in lukewarm water. The solution in a spray bottle, spray the stain with it and RUB the suede with a soft cloth to clean.