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Stuffed animal crochet - a guide

  • Aug 14, 2020
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If you want to crochet a stuffed animal, there are a lot of different ways. We will show you a guide that leaves room for your own ideas. So you can crochet for example, a dog, a cat or a bear.

Cuddly crochet: the color selection

To crochet a stuffed animal, you should first consider what colors to have your pet.

  • For a cat or a dog is brown, black or white wool. About 50 grams of wool for a 10-inch stuffed animal.
  • Of course, you can let your creativity run free and also quite colorful wool colors to use.
  • Remember that the arms or legs may also have other colors than the Rest of the body.
  • Later on, the mouth and the eyes shape is a remnant of black wool or plastic eyes.
  • To Fill your pet you will need polyfill.

The body parts of the stuffed animal

One dog, cat or bear have in common: they consist of a torso, a head, arms and legs. You start with the Crochet of the head and trunk.

  1. Round 1 : Crochet in a thread ring. In the Ring you crochet six single crochet.
  2. Round 2 will Double each stitch in this round. You will receive at the end of twelve fixed mesh.
  3. Round 3 In the third round, only every second stitch is doubled, up to 18 crochet crochet have.
  4. Round 4 Now is each of the following third mesh is doubled. 24 solid mesh has the round 4 in the end, if you have done everything correctly.
  5. Round 5 will Now be every fourth mesh is doubled. You will receive at the end of 30 mesh.
  6. Round 6 There will be two single crochets in every fifth stitch crochet, until you have 36 stitches get.
  7. Rounds 7-10 So that the ball (later of the torso or head) also large enough will be four rounds of 36 crochet crochet. From this step, you can already begin slowly with the Stuff with polyfill.
  8. Round 11 After the ball again reduced in size by stitches together removed be. Each of the fifth and sixth mesh is removed. You get 30 stitches.
  9. Round 12 of The fourth and fifth mesh is crocheted. This 24 mesh should result.
  10. Rounds 13 and 14 In round 13 will be the third and fourth stitches together crochet and in the round 14 each of the second and third mesh. Your ball should now have in the last round of twelve stitches.
  11. Round 15 With a round of Kettmaschen is your fully stuffed ball closed.
  12. Repeat all the steps for Crocheting the head. A ball is then the hull of your pet and one to the head. It is possible to crochet in the hull more rounds with 36 stitches (refer to the round 7-10), in order to obtain a longer body.
  13. When you Crochet the head, you should not forget the plastic eyes to install, before you lock it strap with a connecting stitch. Would you like a mouth to attach, you can use the with a few stitches with the knitting needles and black wool.
A stuffed animal crochet works best when you crochet the arms, legs, head and torso separately and then sew it together.
Vera Stary

Cuddly arms and legs crochet

The limbs of your pet consist of four equal-sized "tubes", for which you also need a thread ring wool. Repeat the following steps, accordingly, four times.

  1. Round 1 Start with a thread ring, and crocheting six single crochets in these.
  2. Round 2 Now, each stitch is doubled. So you get twelve solid mesh.
  3. Rounds 3-15 (or to taste) repeat twelve firm stitches in every round. You can vary the length of the arms and legs, and more or less round, with twelve crochet.
  4. Round of 16 Before with the mesh decrease to start, you should the limbs stuffed. Then each of the two stitches to be removed together, so that you can get six stitches.
  5. Round 17 Finish Crocheting the arms/legs with a round Kettmaschen.
  6. Finally, you can arms, legs, head and torso with the knitting needle and color matching wool together and sew.
The eyes of the stuffed animal you can make with black wool, or eyes made of plastic use.
Vera Stary