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Sorrel Pollen information for Allergy sufferers

  • Aug 09, 2020
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Hay fever can be triggered by numerous Pollen, among other things, by the Dock. What should you as an Allergy on Rumex Pollen know, you can find here.

Sorrel Pollen: useful information for Allergy sufferers

There are about 130 different Rumex species. Probably the most famous of which is the sorrel.

  • An Allergy to sorrel Pollen is less likely than, for example, an Allergy to grass pollen. The Pollen of the yellow Dock have a significantly lower allergenic potential.
  • You Pollen, but allergic to sorrel, you are affected a long time. With Pollen, you can expect between March and September. On our pollen map the vulnerable areas identified.
  • Good news for Allergy sufferers, there is nevertheless, The content of Rumex Pollen in the air is low.
  • In addition, no cross reactions in case of Allergy to sorrel Pollen known.
  • Treat can you have such an Allergy, among other things, with various home remedies.