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Shoes washing: instructions for the washing machine

  • Jul 15, 2020
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Many of the shoes you can wash easily in the washing machine. However, there are some models that do not survive a wash in the machine well.

Shoes washing - not all shoes are machine washable

Some of the shoes you should wash in the washing machine.

  • High-quality running shoes, for example, contain the sole is often a Gel. In the washing machine this can take place due to heat damage.
  • A running Shoe made of a modern Mesh fabric may also not in the washing machine. Here can loosen the individual fibers.
  • In addition, it can be solved not only by the heat during the Washing, but also washing agents, as well as the rotational movement of the drum the hot glue for the soles.
  • Leather shoes are, in principle, also for the washing machine suitable. The leather becomes hard and brittle. The impregnation of the shoes also lost.
  • You came in the summer with espadrilles in the rain, don't you know that these shoes are water-safe. The natural sole dissolves quickly.

How to clean sneakers & co. in the machine

Sneakers or fabric Sneakers can be cleaned easily in the washing machine.

  • Coarse dirt you remove before Washing with a brush. Shoes you should always separately and not with other sports clothing wash.
  • The most gentle is the cleaning procedure for the shoes, if you put them in a special Shoe bag give. Alternatively, it is also an older pillowcase is suitable.
  • Some washing machines have a special Shoe wash program. This is not the case for you, select the one that you Already - or the wool programme.
  • You can wash the shoes with a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. To do this, you can use normal washing powder. Do not use fabric softener, as the various inserts, the shoes have to be porous.
  • Also on the spin cycle it is best to refrain if you wash your shoes. For the drying of shoes are also suitable due to the high temperatures.
  • Let the newly washed shoes to dry in the air. Stuff you you thoroughly with newspaper. The paper keeps the Shoe in Form, and on the other it sucks up the moisture.
  • Change the paper after three and after nine hours, the new paper is able to absorb the remaining moisture.
  • Tip: Use in shoes with a bright inner lining more kitchen paper or printing paper. These paper forms are not black shoes.
  • At the latest after one day, you should not change the newspaper or kitchen paper once again, if the Shoe is still dry.
Sneakers, and sneakers made of fabric you can wash easily in the washing machine
(Image: Pixabay)