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Salt against ants use - so it goes

  • Jan 16, 2021
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Ants are actually beneficial insects. In the garden, eliminate pests, and other annoying creepy crawlies. On the balcony or in the house, however, they are often considered unwanted intruders. Whether salt against ants helps, read here.

So salt can be used against ants used

Ants can not with a normal table salt to kill, instead of using the baking powder deer horn salt. We will show you how you can use it against ants.

  • Mix the deer horn salt with sugar, so are the ants due to the sweet smell attracted.
  • The ants take the mixture, put small amounts of ammonia-free and the insects perish.
  • Have you not a deer horn salt in the house, you can also with baking powder or baking soda achieve the same results.
  • You want to the ants, however, prefer not to kill, using vinegar or lemon juice to the defense.
  • Since a very sensitive sense of smell ants have sense, both home remedies as a deterrent and the animals to return.