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Rye Pollen information for Allergy sufferers

  • Aug 14, 2020
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Rye Pollen is just one of the many kinds of pollen, which can make Allergy sufferers to manage. What you should know about rye Pollen know, we have summarized for you in this health tip.

Allergy to rye Pollen is the you need to know

Rye is one botanically to the family of grasses. Suffering so an Allergy to grass pollen, you are probably also on the Pollen of the rye respond.

  • Rye is in bloom from may to June and has a very high Allergy potential.
  • The good news for Allergy sufferers: the Pollen of the rye can't fly. To do this, you are just too big and too heavy.
  • Hay fever symptoms can rye , therefore, only be triggered if you are in the vicinity of a Roggenfelds stop.
  • The Pollen count is also not always in each Region is the same. So you know the severity of the Allergy risk in their area, we offer a pollen count map in the particularly stressed areas indicate.
  • Using this card, you can have a good reference where you can safely stop.