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Postpartum depression: symptoms and treatment

  • Jan 14, 2021
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Many mothers have to fight after the birth, with postpartum depression. Various symptoms can indicate the mental health Problem.

Symptoms of postpartum depression

There are different forms of postpartum depression:

  • The so-called Baby Blues, is a mood of deep after childbirth. This psychological crisis is also called "Heultage". After a few days of this, however, again.
  • In addition, there is the postpartum Depression - the real postpartum depression and psychosis after the birth.
  • The postpartum depression does not have to occur directly after the birth. You can develop in the first, sometimes even only in the second year, slowly with you.
  • Except a mood of deep postpartum depression is characterized by hopelessness, feelings of guilt and lack of drive. Often it is accompanied by a withdrawal from social life.
  • In addition to psychological symptoms such as sadness and empty feeling as well as panic attacks may be a postpartum depression with physical signs go hand in hand.
  • These include numbness and Tremors, but also heart complaints, for example. The latter are not due to an organic diagnosis.
  • Since the beginning is insidious, not recognized, a postpartum depression frequently. About 15 percent of mothers are affected. An exact cause has not been identified.
  • Only hormonally postpartum depression can not be justified. Sometimes fathers are affected. This can either be in the context of maternal postpartum depression, but also independently.

Treatment of low Mood after childbirth

A postpartum depression can vary in severity.

  • In the case of a light Form of support in everyday life can be sufficient. Domestic help and baby care are meaningful measures. Often the support of family or friends is enough. In some cases, a financial aid brings you the necessary relief.
  • Is the postpartum depression is more pronounced, is a psycho-therapeutic treatment is necessary. Talk therapy is helpful. It is important that the Partner is involved in the therapy.
  • Possibly drug therapy with antidepressants is required.
  • Severe postpartum depression must be treated in a hospital.
Postpartum depression - many mothers have to fight after the birth with mental problems (Image: Pixabay)