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Newborn jaundice: causes and treatment

  • Sep 21, 2020
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Newborn jaundice occurs in many babies. As the yellowish discoloration of the skin, the causes behind them and how they can be treated, we will explain in this post.

Causes of neonatal jaundice

Jaundice in newborns can be identified by the yellowish discoloration of the skin and the eyeballs.

  • The yellowish discoloration of the skin of the babies is caused by the Bile pigment Bilirubin, which is a yellow color.
  • This substance is released into the bloodstream, it will turn the skin slightly yellow.
  • In infants, jaundice often, because the body must adjust to the new Sitution, outside the mother's womb.
  • In the amniotic SAC is the Baby by the mother with the blood dye HbF-supplied. In the world of the small man needed the blood dye HbA.
  • During the degradation of HbF after birth, is often Bilirubin. In the case of a too large amount of the liver of the infant is overwhelmed and can't convert it fast enough into a water-soluble substance.
  • Another cause of jaundice may be in the newborn, if too many red blood cells break down.
  • Thus, a blood incompatibility, which can occur if the Baby and mother have the same blood group.
  • Furthermore, a genetic anaemia may lead to increased degradation of blood cells, and thus jaundice.
  • Larger blood, which after the birth occur, can cause bruising jaundice.

Therapy options for the treatment of jaundice in infants

Usually the jaundice between the third and sixth day after birth and usually lasts for only a few days up to about the tenth to the fourteenth day.

  • If the Bilirobin-values do not come over a certain limit of course is quite normal and should only be in the eye keep.
  • To do this, the physician must regularly check the values, however, there is very little risk to healthy babies.
  • The value is increased too much, however, it must be a therapy to prevent possible damage.
  • Usually the therapy is carried out by irradiation with blue light. This is the excretion of the Bile pigment to stimulates. This Form is used when the Bilirubin is poorly soluble in water. The blue light makes it excreted.
  • In severe cases, for example, when an incompatibility of the blood of the mother is present, it must be a blood exchange with a suitable donor of blood.
Newborn yellow a therapy requires addiction in some cases. (Image: Pixabay)