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Leather shoes maintain: 5 important tips

  • Jul 15, 2020
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Leather shoes are very elegant - however will need more care than other shoes, otherwise the leather becomes brittle and cracked. In this practical tip we show you 5 important tips that will help your leather shoes can maintain.

Leather shoes Maintain: five of The best tips

Your leather shoes can lose over a longer period of time, a part of the in the manufacture of the substances added. In order for the shoes appearance, nevertheless, also after years still like new, you should maintain them regularly.

  • Shoes thoroughly polishing: Before you place your shoes with waxes, fats or similar substances to maintain, you should always thoroughly clean. Use a dry cloth and hartn√§ckigerem dirt with a Shoe Shine brushfor their type of leather is suitable.
  • You should be to Get the quality of the leather of your shoes regularly after cleaning with Shoe wax or Shoe cream treat. Protects from dehydration, over-stretching and also covers small scratches. Also, your shoes will Shine then like new again.
  • Shoe Polish to wear with a specific Shoe Shine cloth or Shoe brush to. Distribute the cream thoroughly over the entire Shoe outer side, the sole.
  • After the cream was applied and distributed, you need to Polish the shoes before the cream dries out. Use suitable Shine brush for leather.
  • Waterproofing: After polishing, it is always an advantage, the shoes to impregnate. This will protect the leather from moisture. Use best for this purpose, a suitable waterproofing spray.
  • Care products pre-test: If your leather shoes for the first time cream, always select a matching color or optional a colorless product. Test in an inconspicuous place, whether it is discoloration or not.
  • Maintenance kit for on-the-Go: If you are on the go, you should have a small kit always have. So make sure that you are in the morning, with well-kept shoes, and can act in the event of a scratch quickly. Especially on business trips or on holiday, a small Set is very useful.
  • Shoes margins: leather shoes can with time due to temperature or frequent Wear deform. With a Shoe stretcher they act the opposite and keep your shoes so for years in the Form.
Leather footwear should be maintained, so that in the long term, they look like new
(Image: Pixabay)

In a further practical tip can you read, how you water stains from leather shoes removing.