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Kitchen knife sharpening: tips & Tricks

  • Jul 15, 2020
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The best kitchen knives become dull with time, but can re-sharpen. What your knife will be sharp again, we will show you here. You need not always devices. There are also home remedies for the Sharpening of the Blades.

Kitchen knife sharpening with the usual utensils

A blunt kitchen knife, I was no usable kitchen utensil that increases during cooking, the fun – on the contrary. The Blades of the knives you can sharpen, but in different ways.

  • Sharpening steel: A sharpening steel should be in every well-stocked kitchen drawer or hanging on the wall be present. You pull the blade with the two sides on the Sharpener, it cuts better.
  • Grinding stone A grinding stone is usually only for high-quality knife. It is important, the grinding stone before use in water to insert. The blade of the knife is then drawn at a very shallow angle along the whetstone and sharpened.
  • Tip: Grab the sharpening stone is best for the so-called Belgian whetstone. Use the chefs to keep your Blades as sharp as possible. Moreover, the sharpening method is gentle to the steel, because the stone is very fine. The disadvantage of this is, the stone is very expensive.
  • Knife sharpener: Very practical for quickly Sharpening a blade are handy knife sharpener. Here, the blade is pulled just by and of the two sharpening arms of the Utensils sharpened. Also scissors you can this loop.

Razor-sharp with home remedies

You have none of the above paraphernalia in the house, you do not need to enter, nevertheless, with blunt knives, satisfied. There are simple Tricks to sharpen the Blades.

  • Ceramic plates: ceramic plates and cups have on the bottom of a rough edge. This is ideal for Sharpening knives. Place the plate or the Cup of Vice-versa and pull multiple times in a turn, the blade of the blunt knife on this fine, rough edge.
  • An old leather belt: A belt, of a coarse and rough texture on the back, is ideal. Pull the belt so oblique as possible to the edge of the knife along. You can do this several times, you have a very sharp cutting edge.
  • Newspaper: as incredible As it sounds, even with newspaper paper, kitchen knife sharpening. To do this, you need only a simple daily newspaper. You are looking for a page on which there is as much printer's ink is located.
  • In the case of the newspaper page is very good with a lot of Text or large black-and-white photos. Run the blade at a shallow angle several times on this page, is the knife sharp again.
  • Tip: Cut in the paper. As a result, the knife would only dull.
Kitchen knife, you can sharpen many kinds of
(Image: Nicole Hery-Moßmann)