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Homeopathy on the move - the should be pharmacy in your journey

  • Aug 10, 2020
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Homeopathy for on-the-go you should pack in the suitcase by no means to forget, before it can go in your vacation. What is a must in your travel pharmacy, we can tell you, therefore, in this practical tip.

Homeopathy on the move: The you should have in your travel pharmacy

In the midst of your holiday preparations, especially the Fill of a homeopathic first-aid kit should be under no circumstances too short. Which means for the most common complaints, therefore, on the beach, while Hiking or in the pilot's handle should be ready, we will show you:

  • Nausea, dizziness, and vomiting are typical symptoms of travel or motion sickness. For this reason, we recommend that you an hour in front of the car or ship to travel twice five Cocculus D12-Globules to swallow.
  • A day in the sun can bring annoying burns and blistering with. So be prepared with Cantharis D12. This means can also urge for urinary and bladder infections are used. How long the healing of your skin after a sunburn lasts, we will explain in a further article.
  • Also after a trip in the mountains, you can be visibly exhausted. Arnica montana C30 can effusions in the event of accidents, inflammation, muscle aches and bruises, blood, sports injuries, dental pain as well as abrasions and bruises to contribute to the improvement of their complaints.
  • In addition, may Aconitum D12 in your travel pharmacy does not missing. This agent will knock at an early stage in the case of suddenly occurring, inflammatory diseases, for example heart, restlessness, and fever used.
  • If your destination is a hot, southern country, you should definitely have Okoubaka D3 of Europe. Take one tablet twice a day against complaints of food poisoning or in the course of the food, and Climate change.
  • In addition, you should in case of vomiting, watery attack diarrhea and pain with a burning character, Arsenicum album D12, to avoid dehydration or even collapse.
  • Apis mellifica D12 helps you, however, in the case of sun Allergy, heat intolerance, insect bites and even after contact with jellyfish, the stinging and burning pain can cause.
  • Note, however, that you should consult with long-lasting complaints a doctor immediately.