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Hazel Pollen information for Allergy sufferers

  • Aug 09, 2020
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A Pollen Allergy is an unpleasant reaction in the Body is. For more information about hazel Pollen you can find in this practical tip.

Hazel Pollen - that you should know

Hazel Pollen have to birch Pollen is the highest allergic potency.

  • Hazels are in bloom depending on the temperature from an outside temperature of at least 5°C.
  • The main season you March from mid-February to the end of.
  • Cross-reactions show hazel-Allergy-often with birchand alder pollen, as well as the common beech.

What you Hazels can detect

Hazels (Corylus) are a genus of the birch family (Betulaceae).

  • Hazels summer are green, mostly einstämmige trees or shrubs with a height of from 3 to 15 meters.
  • Its wood is very light, almost white to light brown and fine textured.
  • The leaves are ovate, the base to heart-shaped. The edges are double-toothed.
  • The flowers, the catkins of the hazel are arranged in bunches at the Ends of short Shoots.
  • They are already formed in the previous year and overwinter in the Nude.
  • The species of the genus are found in temperate Latitudes of the Northern hemisphere.
Fruits and leaves of hazel plants, the Pollen of which can be for Allergy sufferers agony.
(Image: Pixabay)