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Candle wax from carpet remove how to

  • Jan 13, 2021
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Candle wax is dripped onto a carpet, you can remove the stain most of the tissues. How do you do the best you can learn with us.

Candle wax from carpet to remove with heat

The biggest mistake you can make, if candle wax is dripped on the carpet, is equal to respond to.

  • Try to remove the fresh candle wax, they make the thing actually worse. You RUB the wax deeper into the carpet.
  • So, wait until the wax has cooled and hardened. The bulk of the wax, you will be able to withdraw easily. Next, vacuum the spot with the vacuum cleaner to the smaller wax crumbs to remove.
  • The last of the wax residue you back then to the body with heat. To do this you need an iron and blotting paper. Alternatively, a paper towel, a coffee filter or a kitchen cloth.
  • Place the cloth or blotting paper on the wax stain and iron with medium temperature about it. It is important that the iron is not too hot is.
  • The wax remains in the carpet are sucked through the heat of the liquid and through the cloth or by blotting paper attached.

Wax stains from carpet runners remove: So it works with cold

A wax stain from a runner you can also remove with cold. This doesn't work on a carpeted floor, because you have to grab under the carpet.

  • Here, too, you have to wait until the wax is hard and remove the majority with the Hand.
  • Now the cold is applied. Place a bag of ice cubes or a cold pack on the wax spot. Wait until the place is really cold. Then you take away the cooling element back and grab under the carpet.
  • You bend the runners where the wax stain is located. By buckling the cooled dissolve wax residue from the carpet fibers.
  • Clean the carpet then use the vacuum cleaner. In this way, all the wax residue should be completely removed.
Candle wax from carpet remove: With this technique, it is possible (Image: Pixabay)

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