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Ash flowering: Pollen info and Allergy

  • Aug 09, 2020
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Do you suffer from a pollen Allergy, are likely to be the symptoms during the heyday of the ash tree particularly hard. Why this is so, you will learn in this health tip.

Flowering of the ash - wedding of the pollen Allergy

The spring for pollen Allergy not a nice time.

  • Who among hay fever suffers is mostly on ash-pollen-allergic. The Pollen of this tree have a strong allergenic potential, such as birch pollen.
  • The main flowering time of the ash is between March and may. However, the first Pollen to fly from mid-February to the end of June, ash trees bloom can.
  • Since the ash tree is in bloom at the same time with the birch, and many pollen Allergy sufferers also react to birch pollen, is the time between March and may for hay fever sufferers particularly unpleasant.
  • A protection against Pollen, at least in the house offer pollen protection grid for Windows. So you can at least ventilate, without the ash-tree pollen get into the apartment.
  • The Pollen is not going anywhere any time is the same. In our pollen mapof the hazardous areas displayed.
  • By the way, the ash is one plants of the Olive tree. You are allergic to ash tree pollen, can also hay fever the Pollen of other Trees and the symptoms cause.
  • The you should be aware, if you are planning a vacation in a Mediterranean region, the Olive trees grow.