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Viscosity: This means the term

  • Jan 16, 2021
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The importance of the viscosity is mainly in the chemistry, is important. This unit of measurement determines the resistance of a fluid. Here's what it has with this dimension, also, to know.

The importance of viscosity

The importance of viscosity is the unit of measurement for the viscosity of a fluid. Fluids are substances that deform fluent. In the science of gases and liquids to drop underneath it.

  • The greater the viscosity of a fluid is, the thicker this is. The viscosity is low, the substance, however thin.
  • Any liquid is made up of particles. These are linked either closely or not. They are close to each other, they are immovable. Here one speaks of internal friction.
  • The internal friction can be described with the movement of the two superposed toothed molecule layers. Because molecules flow and touch in the matter constantly.
  • In order to overcome the interlocking of the molecules at this Flow, it requires a certain force. The viscosity defines this power in connection with the Fluid and its properties.
  • Water , for example, has a viscosity of 1.0 η. Grape juice, however, from 2 to 5 h.
  • The term goes back to the Plant of the mistletoe (Viscum). From this early bird was won glue. Therefore, viscous means so much as 'tough as bird glue'.