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Time zones - therefore, you

  • Jan 14, 2021
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In Germany it is still early in the Morning - in Bali, the half day is already over, because the people there live in a different time zone as we are. Why are there time zones at all, we will explain here.

That's why there are zones

Just people working a lot of travel or international, you must always keep time zones in mind. Some may feel that the different periods of the world, perhaps as a confusing and annoying, however, there is the time zone for a reason.

  • The reason for the existence of time zones, the sun is.
  • Since, every day continuously from East to West, for example, the noon sun at each location at a different time. In the East earlier in the West later.
  • Without time zones, it would be, for example, in Munich the stroke of midnight, while it would be in Stuttgart, and only approx. at 23:40. This difference is perhaps not large, but he would extend towards the East and the West in the different direction.
  • So not in every place, a different time, was introduced to the coordinated universal time (UTC).
  • As a starting point of the so-called zero Meridian, which is located in Greenwich (London) is used. From there, the earth is divided into 24 time zones of 15 degrees longitude wide.
  • Thus, the displacement for each time zone is about 1 hour plus or minus.
  • In the East it is later, West earlier.