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Time travel: Possible or pipe dream?

  • Jan 13, 2021
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The subject of time travel, most especially from Hollywood movies. Also the research deals with the topic. How realistic are time traveling, read here.

Time travel does not equal time travel

Ever since Marty McFly in the Delorian back to the future traveled is the jump through time, not only for Science Fiction Fans to a dream become. Two types of time travel one must distinguish between:

  • Travel in the future are not only physically possible, it has even been given. However, less spectacular than Hollywood's us know want to do. Because, as Einstein has proved, time passes faster, the faster we move. In 1971, researchers in atomic clocks with the speed of light, the world go around. The result: The time passed slower than comparable stationary clocks. The watches were so, if only to a fraction of a second, travelled to the future.
  • Travel into the past according to the current state of the research, however, is physically impossible. Theories, to prove traveling into the past, were able to assert themselves in the professional world, never.

The Gödeluniversium

No one came the journey into the past, closer than the mathematician Kurt Gödel.

  • To Albert Einstein's 70. Birthday gave Gödel, Einstein his very own solution to the theory of relativity. Because he proved that Einstein's theory proved the trip in the past, but also not, per se, auschloss.
  • Gödel's theoretical model assumes a so-called "rotating universe". In this universe, can the astronauts, according to the theory of relativity on the time axis in both directions of travel.
  • In gödel's theory is closed correctly. The only catch is that it has so far not found a "rotating universe".
  • So traveling in the past time probably for the First pure Science Fiction.
Albert Einstein has proved that time is elastic. For a trip in the past, but that is not enough for a long time. Pixabay