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Tablet car install and integrate: guide & tips

  • Aug 06, 2020
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To a Tablet installed into the car and to integrate with just a few hand grips. We show how to exactly approach and the best out of your Tablet as a Board to Computer to get out.

Tablet in your car – step 1: Radio expand

This guide is based on the Google Nexus 7 Tablet. You start first, the old car radio out of the car to expand:

  1. You can get for your Radio is the perfect unlocking tool, so that you can expand it.
  2. Then pull the Radio gently out of the manhole, and remove all cables.
  3. You removed the Radio, you need to remove the old bezel and the center console.
  4. Loosen the necessary bolts on the sides until you can remove the center console carefully.
  5. If necessary, you will also find a detailed guide to the Radio to develop.
Tablet integrate: Radio expand

Tablet in your car – step 2: right aperture mount

After you have removed the old radio and the bezel, it goes well with the installation of the new panel:

  1. First search for the right hood for your car. In addition, you need a larger center console.
  2. Make sure that both of them are awarded with the "DIN 2", so that the Tablet fits.
  3. A build then the matching center console with visor in your car and fasten all screws.
  4. Cut the aperture so that it fits perfectly on the Tablet and you put together both.
  5. Then select for audio output and charging socket, and set free them as well.
  6. So that the Tablet does not slip out of the bracket, drill with a 4mm drill bit on the top and bottom of the two holes to the left and to the right, so that they are opposite.
  7. Place the Tablet in the bezel and run the cable ties through the previously drilled holes. Tighten, sits the Tablet firmly in the aperture.

Tablet in your car – step 3: prepare electronics

For this tutorial you need the following components: Mini-amplifier, Micro-USB-OTG-Y-cable, 12 Volt socket, ISO Adapter for car radio, USB Y-cable, speaker cable, soldering iron, terminal block, audio cable, and solder.

  1. By unplug the ISO Adapter with a cable clippers. You do this also with the 12 Volt outlet.
  2. Strip the insulation from the two Ends and tin them with solder. Screw this into the screw terminal.
  3. Connect terminal of the amplifier using the speaker cord with the Chandelier.
  4. You can bring this cable in the center console and connect the ISO Adapter with the plug from the car. The amplifier, you can screw either below or next to the center console.
  5. In the 12-Volt plug, you plug in the USB plug and connect the USB Y-cable. A loose cable can stick using tape.
  6. Plug the other side of the USB Y-cable into the Tablet, so that it is permanently supplied with power. You can try, if all the functions are running without problems.
  7. This is the case, screw the Tablet to the pages and click the shutter.
  8. You now have the possibility to use the Tablet as a GPS or on-Board Computer. In addition, it serves as a good Carplay Alternative.

Read on the next page, in the extent to which the Tablet in the car allowed is.