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Rules for the bike path: what time is it don't have to use, when

  • Jan 24, 2021
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The least number of cyclists due to know the exact rules for the use of the Bicycle. Some drives, for example, in spite of the existing cycle route, nevertheless, prefer to be on the road. You can read here, if and when such a thing is allowed.

For the use of bike trails, there are statutory rules

In principle, the use of Bicycle due to the road traffic regulations (StVO) governs. This says: in Germany There is a compulsory use of bike paths for the appropriately marked trails.

  • As soon as the traffic are placed in the character number Z237, Z240 or Z241 - these are the blue, white-rimmed, and round signs with a pictured white wheel, partly supplemented by pedestrian - then apply to cyclists: you must use the bike or walk.
  • No such official Bicycle route signs are present, is, instead, merely a Bicycle on a Bicycle strip or path is recorded, so you may choose freely: bike path or road.

Exceptions confirm the rule: Use discretion

The obligation to use cycle paths is not unlimited. There are exceptions that you as a bikerider should know. In these cases, you may drive in spite of signs of the cycle path on the road.

  • Exceptions: The cycle track is unusable or is not reasonable. If you are on the bike path, obstacles wait, you can't use it sometimes, actually.
  • Construction sites, or Parking cars, fallen Branches, trash cans - there are many things that can hinder your journey. Not then go confidently on the road, if this seems to dangerous for you.
  • In some cases, if it is, for example, with pedestrians shared surfaces, are also simply too many people in the way. For the safety reasons, it also makes sense to switch at least briefly - on the road.
  • In the Winter, a disproportionate amount of snow can lie on the cycle path, or it is due to the weather conditions at the smooth. This, too, is considered to be the exception for the exchange on the road, because Driving on the cycle path would be too dangerous.
  • Broken glass, bad pavement, or deep holes, slippery leaves in autumn, but also frequent changes of side of the road with crossing a street is unacceptable. You may also hide the cycle track use obligation in these cases.
  • The bike path is every few hundred meters due to obstacles not passable, it must not be used. Otherwise, it is allowed only for the non-usable area on the road to Dodge.
Rules with exceptions: Such a shield requires the Use of the route.
Image: Pixabay

Additional rules for safe bike transport

Of course, there are also other rules that facilitate safe Cycling in traffic. Sometimes, other circumstances require that the auto road is used by cyclists.

  • For example, the compulsory use of bike paths for groups of persons shall be repealed as from 16 persons. In such "groups" may you travel even two side by side on the roadway.
  • In General, the following applies: The direction of travel on bike paths must be chosen so that the signage is contrary to them will be visible. The majority of cycle lanes are to the right of the roadway.
  • Two in the direction of Cycling against the traffic are marked, unless the leadership passes to the left side of the road, often with the note "Cycling free". In this case use is right, but no obligation.
  • For children Up to the age of eight years, you have to stay on the footpath, even if a drive is a bike path available. You can keep the volunteer up to the tenth year of life.
  • After nine optional or eleven years for children from the binding rules of adults. It is recommended for children, however, always: the distance to the flowing traffic, but nevertheless, as well as possible for all road users remain visible.

In a further practical tip, what are the rules of the highway code to the road-worthiness of your bike provides. They check everything, so drive safely.