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Promotion of E-Scooter: All the info

  • Jan 13, 2021
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Scooters are gaining in popularity. Therefore, you can expect to in the future, unfortunately, with rising government subsidies and promotion of E-scooters. In order to secure the best promotion, you should strike now.

Promotion of scooters in German cities

In many European countries, you belong to the city. Now many of the German cities environment-to encourage friendly Alternatives to combustion engines. The promotion can only be used by residents of the respective cities in the claim. We call them the most lucrative cities.

  • Munich: you will receive up to 1,200 euros of support money for your E-Scooter. This consists of a 1.000 Euro Bonus for the purchase and 200 Euro environmental grant. The premium can be up to 31. December 2020, to apply for.
  • W├╝rzburg: For the purchase of an E-scooter you can get up to 130 Euro environmental bonus secure.
  • Gain: The city subsidizes their decision to more environmental awareness, a maximum of 200 Euro.
  • Mainz: Up to 150 euros of aid money they can from the city on the Rhine to be expected.