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No Parking signs: This is what you mean exactly

  • Aug 09, 2020
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The importance of the no Parking signs you should not only know, you should keep in mind. Otherwise, the fun gets expensive very quickly, and when it comes to the worst, are you after the Shopping trip without a car.

No Parking signs – the limited and the absolute prohibition of holding

Parking ban on your car in the Stop, you are committing to according to road traffic regulations is a misdemeanor. You will be caught – and that is in the cities, very likely, is usually a cautionary due. In the worst case, your car towed, what with the high cost connected.

  • In principle, to distinguish between the absolute and the limited stopping is allowed. Wherein retaining the colloquial name of a ban. According to road traffic regulations, short-StVO, it must mean banning way "stop". And what is colloquially known as a Parking ban is called, can be found in the highway code, under the name of "limited prohibition".
  • The absolute prohibition of holding you are not allowed to stop in the area, let alone Park the car.
  • The limited prohibition is not quite so rigorous. You may stop for a brief Moment, to allow, for example, someone getting off. The short stop must be really short, it may take up to three minutes. It can be observed that they are no longer on the site, and it only takes five minutes, is the Parking. Accordingly, the will be punished then. In short: As illegal Parking is the rule, if you are longer than three minutes in the same place and/or leave the car.
  • There is no rule without exception: you Need to deliver, for example, goods, welcoming you to the Loading or Unloading usually hold out a little longer. You may not remove, however, more than is required of the vehicle and the operation must be carried out swiftly. You go for the opportunity to have a coffee, can be expensive.
  • In addition, there are so-called temporary stopping areas. These are often set up for removals. You'll be in the middle of the city and have a larger move ahead of you, you can get a temporary prohibition of stopping in front of the house apply. You should strive, however, in time and free the is not. Depending on the city you have to expect about 30 to 50 euros. The traffic signs with a note for what period the prohibition applies to approximately three to four days set up in advance.
  • The corresponding road signs to get you provided. Own signs and set up, you should not Tinker with it. So something is not strictly allowed to be taken and that could create additional problems.
No Parking signs
(Image: K. Welling)

Prohibition signs – meaning you

The prohibition signs are round and blue, with a very wide red edge. Depending on whether an absolute or qualified prohibition, decorates the road sign is a red cross-bar, or two bars in the Form of a cross.

  • On the traffic sign with the official name Z286 StVO a red horizontal line. The traffic signs stands for the limited holding prohibition.
  • The traffic sign with the official name of Z283 of the Traffic regulations you will recognize easily in the bright red cross in the middle. The road sign indicates an absolute prohibition.
  • White arrows on the Parking signs indicate the scope for which the ban applies: At the beginning of the Parking prohibition: A white arrow in the direction of the roadway has. In the middle of the Park ban: Two white arrows, each in a different direction. The end of the Parking ban: A white arrow pointing in the opposite direction of the roadway.
  • You see no white arrows on the road signs, is a more spacious holding prohibition.
  • Often white signs you should not ignore are below the traffic sign. The signs contain important information about the Parking ban. You see, for example, time information, such as mon – Fri from 10 to 19 o'clock, it means that the prohibition applies only during this time.
Prohibition of holding - in this area it is
(Image: K. Welling)