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Flashlight in hand Luggage: what you need to know for the flight

  • Jan 13, 2021
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If you want to take a flashlight with you on the plane, you need to consider when transporting in your hand Luggage a lot. We tell you how to get the best through the security check.

You have to note in the case of a flashlight in your hand Luggage

For security reasons, you need to carry flashlights in case of a flight in your hand Luggage. First, you must remove the batteries or rechargeable batteries from the lamp:

  • Since fire risk exists, when you press the On switch of the flashlight, then they may not be ready for operation. That is, there are no batteries or bulbs in the lamp. You may not otherwise be transported.
  • Even if you have a LED flashlight with you, you need to disconnect the battery before driving out. You can carry the batteries separately in your hand Luggage.
  • Note that there is an upper limit for the carriage of batteries and rechargeable batteries. Therein included are also power banks and other batteries you have. Do you think about your Smartphone or your Laptop.
  • Straightforward trade, as a rule, are usual batteries. Lithium-ion batteries must not exceed a capacity of 100 watt-hours. You will not be able to meet this limit, some airlines in a special scheme.
  • In some cases, this can be a particularly large flashlight as a weapon count. The assessment about what is in the frame, is the responsibility of the security control. To be on the safe side, you should pack it in but rather just a small flashlight.