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Emergency kit for the car: you should always have with you

  • Jan 24, 2021
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Carrying an Emergency kit in the car is already prescribed a long time legally. You are caught in a control, without emergency equipment, is a whopping fine is due. What should be included in the Emergency kit, everything we show you in this practical tip.

Statutory car Emergency kit

In the framework of the road traffic licensing regulations (StVZO) statutory Emergency kit includes only the most necessary things you need in the case of a car breakdown or accident under certain circumstances.

  • Very important is of course the first-aid box, according to Section 35h StVZO mandatory in passenger cars must be. You can buy a First-aid kit the DIN-Norm 13164 matches, you are on the safe side. However, only as long as the Set is complete and the expiration date has not expired.
  • Since some of the tools are packaged sterile, you need to pay attention to the expiration date, and the first-aid box in a timely manner to replace. Don't have to throw away the bandages, of course. For use in the home for minor injuries, the bandage materials are use from all is still very good.
  • The Carrying of a warning triangle according to Section 53a of the road traffic act is also mandatory, and since 2014 also need to car-driver is always a safety vest have.
  • By this, it is guaranteed that you will see the unscheduled stay on the side of the strip or at an accident site by other road users as well.
Who will get caught without an Emergency kit in the car, a penalty (picture: Pixabay)threatens

Individual emergency kits for all situations

In addition to the breakdown kit for the car, you should not forget the inmates. A few hours in a cold car can be long and quite unpleasant.

  • Medication kit: An endless traffic jam can sometimes headache cause, therefore, should the Emergency painkillers contain. Also smaller accidental injuries, it is helpful to have this on Hand. Disinfectant wipes and a pack of disposable gloves are also wrong never. Very important: you Need to take regular medication, you should always have a small drug stash in the car. An emergency card is in the case of pre-existing conditions is very helpful for the rescue workers.
  • Kids Set: Depending on how old the youth is, he says, may be in fresh diapers and clean clothes. Games, books, Crayons and coloring book, as well as to nibble on something to lift the mood most of the time.
  • Pet Emergency kit: leash and harness, tick removal, water bowls, as well as something to play with and nibble on.
  • Winter Set: ice scraper, a folding shovel and de-icing agents. Where you take the de-icing means, of course, if you like the car in minus degrees in the Free Parking. Important thick Blankets, warm vests or sweaters, gloves and hats are also.
  • In addition, you should always have a pocket knife, a kitchen roll, flashlight with Dynamo , as well as a Head torch and rubber boots have.
  • Furthermore, you can make a longer stay in the car a little more comfortable, if you have perishable food products such as crispbread or rusk, water, a book and a LED reading light.
  • Tip: urine bags have long waiting times also proved to be very effective.

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