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Earn money while driving - so it goes

  • Jan 24, 2021
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To make the car drive money is due to the high cost of an attractive idea. How to do this, we will show you in this article.

Carpool: environment and fuel cost share

Especially for commuters who drive every day or regularly the same route, offer carpooling, and ridesharing.

  • With take, you'll be just colleagues, friends or even other people that drive the same or similar route in your car. Give the passengers a fee or have them decide what or whether you want to pay for something.
  • To the rider to find the Blah platform as one of several Alternatives. Here you enter how many people you can carry, what route they take and how much will you charge for your driving service.

Ride for shorter distances

You can also work as a driving service and the city with older or handicapped people driving around. Use the platform Uber.

  • You will be specified a couple of requirements that you must follow. However, Uber works in a fairly simple and self-explanatory.
  • About the App Uber people can contact you. As soon as you require however for this driving range money, you need a business license. Furthermore, it is recommended to apply for a passenger transportation license. These Taxi drivers need.

Workshops, test with your own car

In this variant, you will earn any money, but you save a lot.

  • Because they need regular inspection, it is, these as car repair shops-Tester perform. The costs you pay.
  • The car must not be older than ten years. In addition, you may be not more than 250,000 kilometres on the road.
  • A provider for workshops-testing is Dekra. You apply as a Tester.

In a car, earn money driving: Further possibilities

In addition to the already mentioned possibilities, there is still more to earn with your own car money:

  • If you don't need the car every day or only at certain points in time, can you share this with friends or Acquaintances in the residential area. You can arrange either a monthly fee or a fuel-cost-Fare with each other.
  • Do you know of a company that makes advertising on cars, or can even be with a identify so you can use these on your car print. Often, this is dealt with through an Agency. Either on the car paint or on the license plate bracket this is possible. You can earn up to 400 euros per month.
  • You have a classic car, rent it at weddings, at excursions in vintage cars or for a simple Chauffeur-driven trips. You can decide for yourself whether you want to drive yourself or the car completely to give.
  • Also when you Refuel, you can save money. What is the correct time to Refuel , we show you in our next article.