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Car tyre: tread depth measure

  • Aug 10, 2020
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The tread depth of your car tires, you should measure on a regular basis. Not to be missed only one penalty, but also because an adequate profile depth offers even more security. This is particularly true in the case of difficult road conditions like Aquaplaning or black ice.

The minimum tread depth for your car tyres

In Germany, the legal minimum tread depth of car tyres in the German road traffic licensing regulations (StVZO), Clause 36, Para. 2.

  • Accordingly, the legal tread depth must be a minimum of 1.6 mm in the main profile of the car tire.
  • Car organizations recommend and security significantly higher profile for reasons deep.
  • In the summer tyre, the tyre profile should therefore have a minimum depth of three millimeters.
  • The winter tyres should have a minimum tread depth of four millimeters.
  • If you are caught tires with worn car, not threatening them with a hefty fine. Under certain circumstances, to provide you with the additional points in Flensburg.
Profile depth of car tyre measure

Tread depth of the car tyres properly measure

In order to determine the current tread depth of your car tyres, you have several options available. What is crucial is the depth of the profile is, however, mainly in the middle of the tire. The depth of the profile at the outer car tires, the edge is of secondary importance.

  • A very simple and quick method is the One-Euro-method. Insert the coin into the groove of your tire tread. The 1 Euro coin has a gold-coloured edge of three millimeters. As long as you don't see the edge of the coin yet, are your tires still in the green.
  • More accurate is the measurement with a special Profile depth meter. You get to the profile, deep knife in the electronic or manual execution in the retailer and many gas stations. In order to determine the tread depth of your car tire, you can put on the device and the measuring slide channel teaching down to the bottom of the Profile. You can then read your profile in depth relatively accurately.
  • Alternatively, you can also use a ruler or a yardstick.
  • Many of the newer car, so-called wear indicators tires have also. Behind it hides nothing other than a small cross-bar at the bottom of the main profile gutter. You can see these cross-beams already on the profile the top edge of your tire, you should replace the tyre immediately.
  • Even if the tread depth is in the middle of the tyre is crucial, you should not neglect the profile on the edge of the car tire. The outer edge of the profile is worn significantly more than the profile in the center of the Tire, you should possibly ask an expert for help.

If your tyres not enough tread depth, we show you how to make your car tire by yourself to change can. In addition, we say to them, when you are between Winter and summer tire change should.