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10 genius life hacks for your car

  • Aug 08, 2020
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Ingenious life hacks to make your life easier. It is also available for your car. What ten ingenious Tricks you get in the car better and also to impress your friends, you will learn in this article.

10 brilliant life hacks - this is your car, anything is possible

The so-called life hacks refer to everyday situations where you already a few knowledge to help to cope with the situations better. In the Following, we have summarized ten of ingenious Hacks on the topic of car:

10 genius life hacks for your car

Bottle opener

The least cars have an Opener for bottles with crown caps. As you get in many supermarkets, but more and more bottles with crown caps, it is good to recognize a simple bottle opener directly. This is your belt, more specifically a buckle to the metal. In the middle of a rectangular hole is located. This hole set horizontally on the bottle cap, as you know it from a normal bottle opener. Then press the Opener with your thumb upwards and the bottle is entkront.

The built-in refrigerator

Especially in the summer, you can find in your car, no cold spot. This also makes your foods to create. If your car has an air conditioner, you can cool at least a small part of their food. For this you open the glove compartment and find a small wheel that has a Symbol of a fan. Open the blower and the cold air of the air conditioning system flows in the glove compartment. This allows you to chocolate, biscuits or individual bottles much cooler to hold.

The glove compartment as a fridge

The optimal Seating position

This life hack is especially for car owners sense the parts of your car, often with other drivers. After each ride, you need to set the seat again. This is annoying and often it takes two or three Attempts to find the optimal Seating position. You can do this faster by setting the seat to the optimum Position. Then you get out and stick a tape strip on the fixed lower part of the seat is guided. Then you glue a second strip on the seat, so that the two strips lie on top of each other (see picture). Now you need to bring just before the start of the travel of the strips on top of each other and you have your optimal Seating position.

Right seat adjust position

The cold steering Wheel in the summer

The Problem is every motorist known: After a long day in the sun you get in your car and touch the hot steering Wheel, which stood all day in the sun. Since it is very uncomfortable and it takes a long time, until the steering Wheel is cooled, the first kilometres of a grueling journey. You can prevent this by turning the steering Wheel after Parking the car 180 degrees. As a result, the upper half is on the bottom of the page and is not hot. As soon as you get in your car, turn the steering Wheel and you have a cool steering wheel in half.

Turn the steering wheel in the summer

Oil without the losses refill

Every car consumes Oil, without the lubrication of a Motor may not work. Therefore, you need to periodically Oil to your car to refill. Since without a suitable funnel, however, is difficult for the Oil to fill without spilling something, it is done rarely. Here, you can, with one simple Trick the Oil through the Opening: you only need a screwdriver. You hold the tip in the Opening. Then leave the Oil on the screwdriver run down. It flows directly and without losses in the oil Reservoir.

Old windshield wipers to make functional again

Windshield wipers have a limited life span. The older you are, the harder it is to clean the disc. The life you can increase, by using the wiper blades to remove and with alcohol and a soft micro-fiber cloth to clean. Then take silicone spray and spray the rubber wiper to a. The silicone spray makes your wipers again supple and ensures that fewer residues remain on the disk. You can use the silicone spray on a regular basis, keep your wipers much longer.

Old windshield wiper repair

Smear-Free Windows

Also, the best car wash leaves a slight haze on the Windows. Without the right Tricks and resources, however, it is difficult to remove them. Look in your Garage after, may be, there is still antifreeze concentrate. Pour a few drops of the concentrate to a soft cloth, which you can then clean the glass. The concentrate ensures that the streaks will disappear and your disc is completely clean. You don't need it to wipe, to leave the concentrate is dried alone and without residue.

The From for light electric shock

As soon as you disembark after a long journey out of the car and close your door, you get a slight electric shock, missed. By the friction between your car seat and your clothing, you were statically charged. As soon as you touch the door and the floor, will drain your body and you get the well-known short electric shock. You can avoid the problem by touching the outside of your car, as long as you sit still in the car. As a result, the static charge is reduced and you can have peace of mind to get off. In a further article, you will learn what are the Downloads really every motorist needs.

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