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Selfies: The best Apps

  • Jul 08, 2020
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In this practice tip we introduce you to the best Apps that a Selfie can make. So you create quickly and easily a new profile picture for your social networks.

1. Snapchat for a quick Self-Portrait

With "Snapchat" send your friends photos and Videos that are deleted within a short period of time. With the App, you not only shoot good Selfies, but send them the same more.
  • With "Snapchat" you will experience a new way of communication. Your Selfies are stored only for a few seconds and then deleted again. In order to make Selfies without remorse.
  • Great settings you can make to the images. These will not be saved Yes, too long.
  • The App is available as a Download for your Android-Smartphone or iPhone.
"Snapchat" for entertaining images

2. Every day a new photo with 1 Second Everyday

Who's not: know it Videos, in which a person seems to be in seconds. Every day is taken up for a photo over a longer period of time. The App "1 Second Everyday helps you".
  • To take every day a picture or short Video of yourself.
  • You have collected enough Material over time, create a Video with all the Selfies that you have made. A Video, for example, is a great gift to appropriate occasions.
  • The App "1 Second Every" gives it as the Androidor iOSVersion.

3. Photo App for a better Taint the Selfie

If you are a Selfie is not managed the way you would like, you can use the App "Beauty Camera".
  • Underexposed images are brightened with the "Beauty Camera". So you get a better Taint.
  • Caution: Too much lighting, and you look at your Selfie unnatural.
  • The Free App is only for Android. A similar Alternatively, App can be obtained with "beauty plus" for your iPhone.
Beautify Your Selfies

4. Create your Selfie with photo editing Apps

To give your self portrait a little more spice to it, you should download Apps such as "Photo Editor by Aviary" or "Selfie Cam App".
  • With the "Selfie Cam App" add your face to a stylish Schnauzer or a new hair color. Your Selfie is funny.
  • Who will have more value on professional pictures, the image editing App Photo Editor by Aviary to look at. With the App, you cut out parts of the image and improve the color scheme.
  • The "Selfie Cam App" is, unfortunately, only as an iOS Version available. For Android Users with the Free Tool "Whistle Camera" Selfies by whistling record.
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