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Root privileges to hide: to bypass the Root-Lock

  • Jan 17, 2021
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Many Apps, such as Netflix or Pokémon Go check if you have Root permissions on your Smartphone. How you can use the Root-rights, hide and Lock bypass, you will learn in this practical tip.

Root-rights, hide: SuperSU uninstall

If you are with the topic of "Rooting" still not so good familiar should, we recommend, first of all, this practice tip to read. You have rooted your device with SuperSU, you need to first remove the App. Instead, we want to install Magisk, which can hide the Root rights to other Apps.

  • To do this, open SuperSU and go to settings.
  • Then click "Full Unroot" and confirm in the Pop-up that you want to remove the Root access definitely.
  • Then your device begins to restart. After that, you have no Root access.
Android: Root-rights hide Image: Pixabay

Android: Magisk install

Particularly practical is the Root Tool Magisk, which has integrated protection against read-out of the Root Status with Root and hide rights.

  • First download a recent Version of Magisk download and save the file on your Smartphone. You will also need the Magisk Manager as an APK file.
  • You boot then in Recovery mode (preferably TWRP is installed) and choose "Install ZIP". Now tap on the Magisk file and install it.
  • From then select "Wipe" and clear the "Dalvik-Cache". After that, you can reboot your device again.
  • You are now ready to install the Magisk Manager with the package Installer. Now you have full Root access.
  • In Manager, you can also find the function "Magisk Hide", you can use your Root access to hide.