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OnePlus 3T: This SIM card you need

  • Feb 27, 2020
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So you can use all the features of the OnePlus 3T, you need the correct SIM card. In this practical tip we will show you what is the Format of the new OnePlus needed and in which cases you use your previous SIM card can use.

OnePlus 3T: This SIM card you need

The OnePlus 3T came to the end of 2016, as an improved Version of the OnePlus 3 on the market. As with its predecessor, without the need for a Nano-SIM card for making phone Calls and Surfing. It is currently the smallest SIM card that consists of just the Chip.
  • The Nano-can SIM you ordered from your mobile service provider specifying your mobile phone number. We explain to you how this, among other things, at Congstar, O2, ALDI Talk , and Fyve works. For many providers, the new card is free of charge, some require a small fee of a few euros.
  • Do you still have a larger SIM card, you can use this with our Nano SIM template, self-trimming. Please take care not to damage the Chip.
  • In the case of some of the larger SIM cards, the template is not necessary. Here you will find, under certain circumstances, a perforation, on the basis of which you can put your SIM card into a Nano SIM out.
OnePlus 3T: insert SIM card

SIM card in the OnePlus 3T loading - so it goes

  • On the right side of the OnePlus 3T you will find a small slot for the Nano SIM card fits.
  • You open this device, by piercing with the supplied Tool or a thin needle as straight as possible into the hole.
  • Once the bracket POPs out, you can insert your SIM card and the phone will then start.
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