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Motorola Moto Z: Which SIM card do I need?

  • Feb 27, 2020
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To be able to with the Motorola Moto Z phone to surf, you need the correct SIM card. We will tell you in this practice tip, which SIM card size you need and how you other SIM-cards can continue to use.

Motorola Moto Z: insert New SIM card

As with most Smartphones there is also the Moto Z only a small slot for the Nano-SIM card. To open this, proceed as follows:
  1. Hold the phone face down, and press the included tool or a pin into the small hole on the card holder.
  2. As a result, the holder POPs out, the you can insert your Nano-SIM.
  3. You insert the tray, can be start the phone and set up.
If you have problems with the phone, you can contact the Motorola customer service contact. We have put together in the next practical tip all the contact details for you.