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Microsoft Authenticator: So the App works

  • Jan 18, 2021
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The Microsoft Authenticator App not only offers more security for your Microsoft applications. With the App, you can use the Two-factor authentication for other services.

Microsoft Authenticator for secure Login

For access to your E-Mail account, your Facebook Account or other applications, you usually use your mail address or your user name and password.

  • Since passwords can be easily hacked, you should protect your account better, especially when it comes to sensitive data.
  • An additional level of security for login provides Two-factor authentication. With the Microsoft Autenticator App, you can set this up very easily, and also for most of the services use.
  • In order to use the Microsoft Authenticator for non-Microsoft services, they must use the so-called TOTP method.
  • This means that a one-time password is generated, which is time limited. In contrast, there are the HOTP Standard. Here, the password is independent of time. It is valid until it is used.
  • The Two-factor authentication to be able to download the Microsoft Authenticator App for iOS, Android or Windows on your Smartphone.
  • You want to a new account in the App, tap your Smartphone on the plus sign and scan the QR Code of the provider at the time of establishment of the Two-factor authentication on the screen shows.
  • No QR Code will be displayed, select in the App the option "enter Code manually". Then enter your user name and the password for the service a, and then the Code that will be sent to you via SMS.
  • You want to login in the future at this service, it generates the App always have a new Code that you then also need to enter.

Login with the App without a password

You can use the Microsoft Authenticator App to log in to your Microsoft account, you need to type in in the future, no password more.

  • This input is not applicable if you use the App. Log in with your Microsoft account to a service that appears on your Smartphone , only a notification that you need to confirm.
  • To protect against abuse of this simple method you can use the notification however, just to confirm, if your Smartphone is unlocked , it was .
Two-factor authentication with the Microsoft Authentificator App set up (Image: Screenshot)

Microsoft is not the only provider of Authenticator Apps. Read in our next practice tip on how to use the Google Authenticator set up.