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Huawei P30 Screenshot: how to

  • Jan 14, 2021
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Huawei provides on their P30 models are several ways to take Screenshots. What are the functions the Smartphone offers you and how the whole thing works, we will show you in the following practice tip.

Huawei P30 creating a Screenshot - how to

Overall, if you have the Huawei P30 models 3 different ways to take a Screenshot to create. All the images are saved in the gallery in the Album "Screenshots".

  • Method 1: The first method is to Create a screenshot via Pressing a key combination.
  • Press the on/Off button and the volume down button simultaneously for a short period of time. A beep sounds if your phone is not set to Mute.
  • In addition, a preview of the Screenshots appears in the lower left corner. If you click it, it takes you directly to the image.
  • Method 2: another option is to Use the Screenshot shortcut in the quick settings.
  • Wipe out for this twice by the upper edge of the screen to the bottom, the Shortcuts to pop-up and click on the Screenshot icon with the scissors. Now take a screen shot.
  • Method 3: Least there is still the possibility to take a Screenshot through a "ankle gesture" to record.
  • You knock twice lightly with your finger knuckle on the screen. Also here you get a preview of the captured screen shots in the bottom corner.
  • You can record a particular part of the displayed content by tapping once and then a circle on the screen.
So you can take Screenshots with Huawei P30 (Image: Pixabay)