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Galaxy S-cell phone locations by GPS

  • Aug 04, 2020
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If you have lost your Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone, you can do it by GPS locations. This practical tip shows you how exactly this works.

Preparation: phone the Galaxy S-series of GPS locations

Before you can use your Samsung Smartphone locations, you need to make some preparations:
  1. First of all, you need to set the remote access on your Smartphone: Go to the "settings" and then to "Personally" > "security".
  2. Here you can activate the Option "find my mobile/remote access". The following is a warning, confirm with "OK".
  3. Then enable the Option "use wireless networks" so that the detection can be carried out easily.
  4. In connection, you must associate your Smartphone with your Samsung account. If you have no Account yet, you can of course also create. This brings numerous advantages to with.
  5. You have your Smartphone with your Samsung account linked, you must use only your Account on the positioning page of Samsung sign up.
Galaxy S-series: mobile phone via GPS locations

Samsung cell phone: Lost Galaxy S locate via GPS

  1. You have your Smartphone got lost, you just log in with your Samsung account on the tracking page , and select the left "mobile device".
  2. You will then be shown the current location of the device. Thanks to the function "start tracking" can easily be to create a movement profile.
  3. Other useful functions, such as Locking the phone, making it difficult for the avoidable thief from using the device.
  4. So, you can also call the phone or call logs to view. Practical: the SIM card will be informed of removed or replaced, the new number automatically. So, you can ask, for example, to the police.
Lost Samsung GPS locations
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