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Free Wi-Fi on the cell phone - how to

  • Jan 17, 2021
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Free Wi-Fi on the phone is worth a lot, if you look on the go Videos or larger files to download. If you network take advantage of a free Wi-Fi, not to strain your volume of data and are sometimes even faster on the net.

The classic: free Wi-Fi Hotspots for mobile phone, find

For a long time Germany was suspended when it came to free Wi-Fi Hotspots in public places such as cafes or Restaurants. The reason for this is mainly legal uncertainties were many operators feared that they could be made of possible crimes to the user responsible. In the meantime, the situation has changed, however, and you find in many places free Wi-Fi access points that you can use with your phone.

  • Whether a free Wi-Fi network is nearby, you will find out the fastest way to by going in the settings of your smartphone with the available Wi-Fi networks display. A free Wi-Fi is not protected with a password, so you can simply tap on it and connect. Usually, you will be redirected to an internal log-in, you must accept the terms and conditions of use. Then you can use the network already.
  • In cafes, Hotels, and co., you can use almost always, the Wi-Fi free of charge. Sometimes you have to ask this, but, and a representative of the access data can. Then simply search for the corresponding Wi-Fi access and a login with password.
  • Tip: free Wi-Fi networks, you should be particularly careful with your data, since these can easily be from strangers fished. To sensitive operations such as Online Banking, you should refrain from this here.

After Wi-Fi search via the App

Free Wi-Fi is not you need to look absolutely manually. There are practical Apps that help you.

  • A practical Service for free Wi-Fi is the App in the "Instabridge" for Android and iOS download free can. In the App an extensive directory with the Wi-Fi is included Hotspots that you can download for your own place also, and thus use offline. On the map you get is clearly shown, where the nearest Hotspots are. Especially practical: for password protected Hotspots are stored in the App, often the corresponding passwords. So, you need not even ask for the password, but can connect to it directly.
  • Another exciting project is the App in the "free radio", the it also for Android and iOS to Download. The principle here is that individuals make a portion of their bandwidth available for free. Especially in large cities with a dense network of Wi-Fi Hotspots that you can use for free with your mobile phone is thus produced.
Instabridge: Free Wifi via the App find (Image: Screenshot)

Mobile Hotspots from other people to use

Your own data volume is used up, you can still be friends, and Acquaintances to ask for help, have sufficient data available. Virtually every mobile phone nowadays can build a private Wi-Fi network, the other mobile devices can connect to.

  • The Hotspot is not set up hard. As for Android phones and iPhones work, we show in other articles.
  • When you set up the Hotspot, you should also pay attention to the safety. Assign a password for the network so that no unauthorized persons can connect to.

Security is an important topic when it comes to Wi-Fi networks. How to make your own Wi-Fi optimally secure can, we will show in our next practice tip.