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eSIM - what is it? The new SIM card simply explained

  • Nov 30, 2020
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Recently, there is the eSIM, the example in the iPhone Xs and the Appel Watch 3 and 4 are used. But what is it exactly and where is the difference to conventional SIM cards? In this practical tip we will explain it easy to understand.

What eSIM is? Simply explained

  • An eSIM is installed, in contrast to a normal SIM card in a device. You can't be replaced. The "e" in eSIM comes from the English word "embedded", embedded English or integrated.
  • An eSIM is using the same specifications as the normal SIM cards. Therefore, they are compatible with each other, and it makes use of no difference which SIM type you use.
  • The key advantage of an eSIM, however, is that the SIM Chip can be rewritten by your provider. So if you have completed a new contract, you no longer need on your new SIM wait card. In addition, no more problems with wrong sizes of SIM cards. So providers will be accelerated and simplified.
  • Also for the Smartphone manufacturer, the eSIM is useful. The eSIM is a built-in device, must be installed not error-prone, map mechanisms to more.
  • The shadow side of the subject is that there are currently very few suppliers for eSIMs. This is due to the fact that some mobile providers reject this new technology.
  • eSIMs you can get currently with Telecom and Vodafone. You need them, for example, for the iPhone Xs and the Apple Watch Series 3 and 4.
eSIM vs standard-SIM - the differences

To the eSIM to arrive fully in the German market, it will take a while. Until then, we will have to beat us, but with annoying problems such as the wrong SIM size around. As you SIM cards, even cropping can learn in the next practical tip.