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Android: Google Maps offline use

  • Feb 28, 2021
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To be able to Google Maps on Android use, you need a permanent Internet connection. How you can use the navigation App offline use, we can tell you in this practical tip.

Google Maps on Android offline

Google-Maps-use maps offline:

In this tutorial we will use the current Version 9 of Google Maps. Under older versions, the function is titled differently.
  1. You can open Google Maps and select the map that you later offline use.
  2. Now, tap the top in the search bar. There, scroll down and tap on "save map to use offline". Note: to use this feature, you must be within Maps in your Google Account logged in.
  3. Now the application loads the selected area of the map down. This is then available offline.
  4. Tip: If you select too large a map area to Download, appears the entry "area of the map offline ready" in the search window. Zoom in, therefore, closer, so you can download the map.
Google Maps use maps offline

Google My Maps: maps with Google Drive edit

With the Google Drive App for Android you can also on your own cards. Thus, you don't have to apply much volume of data for the Google Maps App go to waste.
  1. Open the website of Google Drive and log in if necessary in your Account.
  2. On the left, click the "New" Button and select one of "More," the function of "Google My Maps".
  3. Here you can edit your desired routes and maps to your liking. Among other lines you can draw and add layers.
  4. You can then share the map with friends, or simply in the case of Google Drive, let it rest.
Google My Maps
How to add a Google Maps map to share with your friends, we'll show you in the next tip.