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Android 6 Marshmallow Test: These Features are available in the operating system

  • Sep 27, 2020
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Android 6 Marshmallow is not the latest Version of Android, nevertheless, we have subjected the Features of a Test. With Marshmallow download numerous practical functions on your Smartphone.

Android 6 Marshmallow Test: improved App Drawer, and new rights-Management

Google has expanded the App Drawer in Marshmallow to a search bar that you use to open a specific application.
  • Also, the App Drawer shows and hides at the top edge of the four last opened Apps. At an edge column with initial letters, to see how in an early Preview, was, Google has omitted in Mars mallow. You call the Navigation by first letter instead of optional with the Scroll bar at the right edge of the screen.
  • Since Android 4, in preparation, in Marshmallow then moved in, is the rights Management of Apps. Similar to how on iOS, you may withdraw now, each individual application of certain rights or to subsequently grant: tap to on Android 6 go to "settings -> Apps" and then click the Gear icon. A further tap on the "App permissions" you will see, which Apps are allowed to access services and databases such as GPS, phone, and contacts.
Android 6: New Rights Management

Fingerprint scanner for Android

Meanwhile, more and more offer high - end and also some middle-class Smartphones to a fingerprint scanner.
  • Particularly many of the functions it was not for this, but so far, for officially-supported Android a Scanner.
  • With Android 6 Marshmallow the changes, however, so that in the future, very system-oriented Features to implement are likely to leave.

Android 6: Project Doze for improved battery life

Android Marshmallow is to continue to run what has begun to Lollipop with the energy-saving mode: extend the battery life.
  • In contrast to an actively-controllable power-saving Feature Project, Doze should recognize, however, automatically when the Smartphone user is actually used, and when it consumes unnecessary power.
  • So mobile phones are supposed to change with Android 6, for example, at night in a Low-Power Mode by the System to restrict certain services. By Project Doze, especially the Standby time will be extended, according to Google.
  • What exactly is the Doze-mode is, we will show you in a further practical tip.
More battery life thanks to Android 6

Android 6 Marshmallow with USB type C support

The first phone USB type C support, the OnePlus Two.
  • However, the USB type C support, only worked with a few restrictions and with no official Android Support.
  • With Marshmallow USB type-C, however, was quickly becoming the Standard: Smartphones with the new USB connection with Android 6 in principle, load faster and can be used in case of emergency, even as a charger for other phones.

Android 6: microSD card internal storage for the Smartphone

A very interesting feature is the use of the external memory card as internal memory.
  • Especially devices with relatively small memory of 16 Gbytes and less benefit, because so far, some of the Apps and App were data on the microSD card, but not all of them.
  • The result is that a small memory in case of intensive use, quick to its limits – and you have to delete Apps to install new ones. With Android 6 Marshmallow this memory shortage, belongs to the past.
Revised menu Android 6

Android 6: Automatic Backups of App data, and quickly accessible the file Manager

Backups are backed up to cloud storage.
  • Android Marshmallow is allowed to every App has a data backup of up to 25 MB in the Cloud to create, so that the user of the Smartphone is changing in the ideal case, immediately continue to work, without all the Apps again, setting up to to.
  • The Backup is performed automatically every 24 hours, and not on the Google Drive quota will be credited.
  • Android 6 Marshmallow also allows a quick access to the internal file Manager. To open the personal storage, simply navigate to the "memory & USB" and touch "Explore". The Manager, however, offers only the most necessary options such as "Copy", "Delete" and "Share".

Now on tap: The new way to search with the Smartphone

"Now on tap" is linked to a Android 6 Feature, the Google Now even deeper with the Android System and the user depending on the situation should help.
  • It holds, for example, via instant messaging with a friend and mentioned a Restaurant, you can let the restaurant including directions and appointment to show.
  • Google should automatically recognize what a question is: do you Want to find out, for example, the real name of an artist, the question, "what's his name?", while playing back a Song from him.
  • To such Now-enter data, simply hold the Home Button for about two seconds, while you are in the appropriate App.

With Android 6 system-brakes are easier to find

Android Marshmallow shows clearer than its predecessors, the RAM usage of individual Apps.
  • You go to "settings -> storage" you will see the total consumption.
  • Tap on the "Apps storage" takes you to the detail view. Here you quickly discover memory hogs that slow down the System and able to respond.

Android 6: delete function, text selection & volume, and more

Among the many smaller innovations of Android 6 Marshmallow, among other things, a delete function from the Screenshots in the notification bar.
  • In addition, the marking was revised in function of the texts.
  • Android 6 Marshmallow also provides a faster setting, the music, alarm and Notification volume.
Vile small innovations in Android 6
As you see in Android M hidden features enableyou will learn in the next tip.