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Alternative Keyboard Apps for Android

  • Aug 15, 2020
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Often the default keyboards for your Android Smartphone are not the Best. In this practical tip we show you Keyboard Apps that allow you to have more fun while you are typing, and Swype.

1. Keyboard App: ai.type Plus keyboard

With the Android App "ai.type Plus keyboard" you can choose your keyboard Layout customize. Thanks to smart auto-correction can happen to them also a typo.
  • The Keyboard App on your wishes to design. Determine the size of the buttons - even a Background for the keyboard you can select.
  • "ai.type Plus keyboard" fits your writing style. Slang and technical terms will be saved and appear as a word suggestion. The App also stores your sentence. It gives very accurate predictions.
  • The App will cost in the Play Store currently, 3,49 Euro. With this Keyboard App, your typing speed will increase significantly.
ai.type Plus keyboard

2. Keyboard App: Perfect Keyboard Pro

If you have many friends or Acquaintances from other countries, you should have the Keyboard App "Perfect Keyboard Pro" a closer look.
  • The keyboard can be fully adapted to your needs. You have a choice of different Themes and can also bar the arrangement of individual elements, such as, for example, the Word suggestion, change, and the elements of other colors to assign.
  • By a long press on the space bar, you can choose from up to 30 different languages. The keyboard Layout adjusts to the language you selected.
  • Get the App for € 2.49 in the Google Play Store. The keyboard is particularly recommended for you if you write often in other languages and other keyboard-want to use Layouts.
Perfect Keyboard Pro

3. Keyboard App: Swype Keyboard

Some of the Android keyboards, you can specify that you swipe instead of tapping on the keyboard. For all other there is the App "Swype Keyboard".
  • If you have typos, are tired, then try out "Swype Keyboard". Wipe over the letters and the App will recognize what word you mean. Very rarely, the App detects a wrong word but by word suggestions change quickly.
  • Also, this App supports other languages. With the Swype keyboard, you get 60 different keyboard Layouts and current dictionaries.
  • The App "Swype Keyboard" is currently 2,91 euros in the Play Store is quite value. Also for Android-devices, which support the wipe out of the house, bring the App with regular Updates, and more settings added-value.
Swype Keyboard
Like your standard Android keyboard setting, you will learn in this practical tip.